1. Checking material

2. Exporting orders from OCLC Select

3. Creating Purchase Order (without defaults)

4. Entering orders

5. Entering Line Item Information

6. Entering “Add Copy” (same location) orders

7. Suppressing DeGolyer Ephemera and Manuscripts orders from OPAC in Cataloging Module




Requisitions Team members use this procedure to create Purchase Orders for material-in-hand.  These materials, which have been selected by the order units, are ready to be entered into Voyager.


Default Note:  Defaults can be used to fill out all or portions of the Purchase Order.

They should be set before the purchase order is created.  Defaults are especially useful when using the same location and one fund for the entire purchase order.  If using defaults refer to Setting Defaults document.

Step 1

Checking material


Step 2

Exporting orders from OCLC Select


Step 3

Creating Purchase Order (without defaults)



Purchase order Header is complete.  Add Line now appears on bottom of Purchase Order for (Bib Search), (Bib Import) and (Template)


Step 4

Entering orders


  1. Add Line (Bib Import)


·        Click Add Line (Bib Import).

·        Double click OCLC directory.

·        Select appropriate dat file.

·        Click Open.

·        Select Bib records for import in invoice order.

·        Click Delete from file after import.

·        Click Import.

·        Click Close.


  1.  Add Line (Bib Search)


Delete record from OCLC Select.

            Type del.

            Press F11:  To remove record from OCLC Select database.

·        Check 939 field for RUSH note.

·        Click Footer.

·        Click RUSH.

·         Click Notes.

Enter any information to cover entire Purchase Order in the Note to Vendor field.  Enter other notes in Notes field.


C.    Add Line (Template) –

             Used for 939 Request Form orders received through email.     


·        Click Add Line (Template).

·        Select Template.

·        Enter Date.

·        Select Format.

·        Select Place.

·        Select Language.

·        Enter ISBN.

·        Enter Author (check name authority).

·        Enter Title.

·        Enter Series.

·        Enter Edition.

·        Enter Place.

·        Enter Publisher.

·        Paste 939 field information, copied from 939 Request Form

·        Click OK.


Information entered in template can also be copied from e-mail 939 Request Form and pasted in template fields.

Step 5

Entering Line Item Information


·        Click MARC.

Step 6

Entering “Add Copy” (same location) orders


·        Hi-light line item.

·        Click MARC.

·        Click New Hldgs.

·        Enter location.

·        Click Save to DB.

·        Click Purchase Order.

·        Click Details.

·        Click Copies/Fund.

·        Hi-light Intended Location.

·        Click Edit.

·        Click Link to Holdings.

·        Click Unlink (Previous Location).

·        Click Save.

·        Click Link (New Location with same name).

·        Click Save.

Step 7

Suppressing DeGolyer Ephemera and Manuscripts orders from OPAC in Cataloging Module


·        Hi-light line item

·        Click MARC.

·        Click System.

·        Click Suppress from OPAC.

·        Click Save to DB.

·        Click Hierarchy.

·        Hi-light MFHD.

·        Click Retrieve.

·        Click System.

·        Click Suppress from OPAC.

·        Click Save to DB.


Purchase Order information is completed.





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