DEGOLYER Material-in-Hand




Requisitions Team members use this procedure for processing both Procurement and Non-Procurement Orders.  These materials which have been selected and prepared by the DeGolyer staff are ready to be entered into Voyager.


Create Purchase Order

Preparation for Cataloging



            Example 910_ _ |a DG1234567



               Example 910_ _ |a DG1234567 ; DG7654321


Follow up



590­_ _ |a 6547074084 : 1854 poetry album, Galveston Texas :

US$24.23 : UNCATALOGED, in exhibit until Oct. 28th per R.M.    


590_ _ |a Catalogue 124 Item 64: Art Loan Exhibition : US$50.00 : RETURNED to deg,eph


o  Update status notes when the original action is overridden as when an item used in an exhibit is returned for cataloging.





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