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Clear Browser Cache/Temporary Internet Files and Cookies

If you are having problems connecting or you receive errors working PeopleSoft web-based campus applications you should clear the cache/temporary internet files and cookies on your web browser. This is always a requirement after a system upgrade.


In order to speed up web browsing, browsers are designed to download web pages and store them on your computer in an area called the cache. When you visit the same page for a second time, the browser speeds up the display time by loading the pages locally from the cache instead of downloading everything again. This sometimes results in less than current versions of web pages being displayed, along with problems on registration and authentication pages. 

Websites also send small text files known as cookies to your web browser in order to store information about your connection to their server, authentication information, preferences, etc. Cookies are particularly useful when you want a website to auto-sign you into a web service, but like the cache, should be deleted after a system upgrade.

To begin, close the application or browser that is being affected.

Then, click the browser that you are using below to see the instructions.

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 8

Mozilla Firefox

Safari for Macintosh


For Internet Explorer 7:

 Make sure you have only one browser window/tab open.

 Click Tools.

Choose Delete Browsing History. 


Under Temporary Internet Files click Delete Files.

Under Cookies click Delete Cookies.


  Click Yes to confirm the deletion.


 Close Internet Explorer and reopen it.  


For Internet Explorer 8:

Make sure you have only one browser window/tab open.

Click Safety.

Choose Delete Browsing History.  


Remove the checkmark from Preserve Favorites website.

Make sure Temporary Internet files is selected.

Make sure Cookies is selected.

Remove the checkmark from History.

Click Delete.  

 Close Internet Explorer and reopen it again.


For Mozilla Firefox 3.6:

Make sure you have only one browser window/tab open.

Click Tools.

Choose Clear Recent History


In the Time range to clear field choose Everything.

Under Details choose Cookies and Cache .

Click Clear Now.  


Close Firefox and reopen it again. 


For Safari 3.2 and above (for Macintosh):

Make sure you have only one browser window/tab open.

Click the Safari menu and click Reset Safari…  


Check the Empty the cache and Remove all cookies checkboxes.

Click the Reset button.  


Close Safari and reopen it again.