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Payroll:  Direct Deposit

SMU employees benefit from the convenience and security that direct deposit provides. Direct deposit is a method of electronically transferring payroll payments from SMU to an employee’s financial institution on the established pay dates as authorized.

SMU requires all employees to enroll in direct deposit within 90 days of the employee’s hire or rehire date. The only employees excluded from this requirement are federal and/or state Work Study participants, per the terms of the work program grants.

An employee may elect to split his net pay into multiple banks/bank account (up to three). One of the accounts must be designated to receive the “balance” of the employee’s net pay. The second or third accounts must have a specific dollar amount designated for the deposit (a percentage is not permitted).

Initial direct deposit enrollment

To initiate direct deposit at SMU, an employee must complete the Direct Deposit Authorization and submit it to Payroll for processing. A voided check should be attached to the direct deposit form to provide additional validation of the information provided on the form.

It is preferred that the department submits the direct deposit authorization with the employee’s other payroll papers, but the employee may submit the form directly to Payroll if the job paperwork has already been sent to Payroll.

Direct deposit changes

To submit a change to an existing direct deposit account(s), an employee must complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization and submit it to Payroll for processing. The entire form needs to be completed, even if some of the existing account information is to remain the same. However, a voided check is unnecessary if the checking account information is not changing.


New direct deposit forms are due to Payroll by the “Paperwork Due” dates designated on the Payroll Processing Schedule. The direct deposit will be in place for the next regular payroll processing, as long as the authorization is complete and there are no questions about the information provided.