* * * Notice – Grant and Contract Reports Are Now In Electronic Format * * *


Your Grant and Contract reports are now available in excel format – updated NIGHTLY!


·       No more paper reports.

·       No more waiting a month for updates.

·       FO-PI access to reports.

·       Cumulative detail of transactions for the fiscal year.

·       Budget change details available.

·       Summary by category or expand for account (line-item) detail.



1.     Using the SMU network, go to drive Q, then to FSreports. 

2.     From the expanded list, locate your school or division and expand.

3.     Locate the folder “GCA” and expand.

4.     A list of folders for each PI and Co-PI will be displayed. 

5.     The naming convention for the folders is:  first letter of the first name of the PI or Co-PI, plus the first 5 letters of the last name (George Washington = gwashi).

6.     The example below shows the Q Drive path for School of Ed PI folders.  The highlighted folders have been expanded.

Hint: To create a shortcut to your report folder on your desktop for easier access: (a) highlight the folder, (b) right-click your mouse, and (c) select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut).  A short-cut to the folder now appears on your desktop. 


The Reports

A separate excel file will be available for each  grant or contract (“G” project).  The filename of each report contains the project number followed by the month being reported, “FY”  and 2-digits of the fiscal year (G000123_October-FY09).   These files will be updated nightly for transactions posted through that day and will overwrite the previous file, but you may save them to your own folder/computer at any time.  The final report for the month will remain after reports for the next month begin to generate with the new filename (G000123_November_FY09). 

Please remember that different transaction types post with varying frequency and times during the month:

·       Accounts Payable posts Wednesday and Friday nights and at month end. 

·       Payroll posts after the payment date for Bi-Weekly payrolls and at month end for Monthly payrolls. 

·       Journal entries are posted nightly. 

·       Student Financial feeds (charging tuition and room and board), telephone cross charges, copy charges and most other cross charges occur during the last couple of days of the month.

·       Entries for Overhead (Indirect Costs) and Cost Sharing are only updated during the month-end processing which normally takes place on the second business day of the new month for prior month’s business.


Double-click on the file to open the report in Excel.  Each report contains five tabs:

·                BUDACT

·                Encumb Detail

·                YTD Budget Detail

·                YTD Actual Detail

·                MTD Actual Detail





This is the summary page and presents activity summarized by category.  You may expand all of the categories or selected ones to reveal the individual accounts making up that category.  Do this by clicking on the icon on the left side of the screen.  Alternatively, click the icon in the upper left corner of the sheet to expand All categories.




You may also drop to the lower section of the page to the lines “AGY DIRECT COSTS” and “AGY INDIRECT COSTS” to see all accounts in numeric order.




Encumb Detail Tab

This tab displays open purchase orders on the project/grant along with the outstanding amount, vendor ID and vendor name.  This is the encumbrance detail behind the OPEN COMMIT column on the BUDACT tab.




YTD Budget Detail Tab

This tab displays all current fiscal year budget journal entry details for Revised budget ledger.



YTD Actual Detail

This tab displays all current fiscal year journal entry details from the Actuals ledger. This is the detail behind the summarized balances on the ACTUAL - YEAR TO DATE column on BUDACT tab.




MTD Actual Detail

This tab is identical to the YTD Actual Detail, except it only displays current month journal entry details from the Actuals ledger as opposed to all current fiscal year. This is the detail behind the summarized balances on the ACTUAL - THIS MONTH column on BUDACT tab.




Please contact SMU Grant and Contract Accounting department with questions or comments.