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About 78% of first-year students received some form of financial assistance for the 2002-03 school year.


Financial Systems Support

On Campus Q Drive Access Support

If you are on campus, the easiest method for accessing the Q drive Financial reports is below.  These directions apply primarily to Cox and Engineering users but may also apply if you are having trouble accessing the Q drive.

On your desktop, double click My Computer.


If you currently have a Q drive mapped, right click on the drive and select Disconnect.

To create the new drive, select Tools, Map Network Drive


Map Network Drive dialog box appears.  For “Drive:” select Q.  For “Folder:” put \\s31app\psout$.  Check the box next to “Reconnect at logon”.  Click Finish.

You are now complete.

NOTE:  If you are a Cox or Engineering user, the Enter Network Password prompt will appear.  For “Connect As:”, enter “smu\XXXXXXXX” where XXXXXXX represents your SMU employee ID.  For “Password:”, type in your SMU network password.

Click OK.

Your drive will now map automatically when you logon.  If your Cox or Engineering password is the same as your SMU network password, then your logon will be seamless.  If the two passwords are different, you will be prompted for your SMU network password at each logon.

Hint:  If you need to reset your SMU network password, please call the HelpDesk at 84357 and they will be able to assist you.  If you have any trouble accessing the Q drive, please contact Financial Systems Support at psfinsupport@list.smu.edu.