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The Biomedical Researchers in Training Experience (BRITE) program, sponsored by SMU and UT-Southwestern’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, allows undergraduate students to study and perform research at both schools.


Approved Memberships List

Approved Memberships List

To search for a specific organization in the the Approved Memberships List, click Ctrl + F on your keyboard, enter the organization name or acronym, and select Find Next.

Membership Not Found?

If an organization is not listed on the approved memberships list, it is not an approved membership. To add an organization to the approved memberships list, complete the Membership Approval Form and forward to the designated approver for memberships for your area (Dean, VP, AD or President). Only complete the form if the organization is not listed on the approved memberships list.

Once approved, the form should be submitted with the Accounts Payable payment request.

Membership Approval Form