Why Give?

Why should you make a gift to SMU? Consider this:

Gifts of any size make a huge difference…they all add up! If every alumnus gave $20 each year, it would generate $2,000,000 that could be used to help SMU. If every student at SMU (roughly 11,000) gave $20 each year, it would generate $220,000 for immediate use…that’s a lot of money! It’s enough to endow a professorship chair that would attract top scholars from all over the world.

The average student pays $28,500 in tuition each year. This amount covers about 70% of the actual cost of a student’s education. SMU’s projected annual budget is approximately $365,000,000 for next year – 69% of that revenue is from tuition and fees! The rest is covered by annual gifts and endowments (15%), as well as athletic ticket sales, merchandise, etc. (16%). An increasing budget provides SMU students with an increasing list of opportunities!

Only 15% of alumni make annual gifts to SMU. That percentage ranks 23rd out of 25 peer schools, including Dartmouth (1), Notre Dame (2), USC (6), and (TCU (11). Annual giving is a measurement of alumni satisfaction in their university. U.S. News and World Report rankings are based largely on annual giving – not the amount of money raised, but rather the percentage of alumni participation. As the rankings increase, so does the value of an SMU degree!

Your gift can be made to any aspect of SMU you desire, and it will go to work immediately. Don’t let the idea of giving be a “turn off”! Support from generous students, parents, and alumni has been vital in providing you with your current experience at SMU. You don’t have a million dollars to give? No problem. Gifts of any shape and size make a difference! A $5 gift is just as important as a $1,000,000 gift…it’s true!

Your annual gift will help SMU continue to grow as an incomparable place of higher learning.