Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are any apartments furnished?     
A: No, all of the SMU apartments are unfurnished. SMU does have some furnished apartments in residence halls: Hawk, Martin, and Moore Halls and Daniel House.

Q: Can I park near my apartment?     
A: Yes. You will need to get a parking permit from Parking & ID Card Services (6116 N. Central Expressway)

Q: How do I set up phone and cable TV?     
A: The apartments come ready for cable and phone set up. We provide for one working phone jack and one working cable jack. It is your responsibility to call the phone company and cable company to set up service. We can provide you with their phone numbers. If you want more phone or cable jacks, you may have to pay extra set up fees. The phone and cable companies can give you more details.

Q: Can I have a roommate who is not an SMU Student?     
A: Only Students, Faculty and Staff can live in the SMU Apartments. The only exception is for dependents (spouse or children.)

Q: Are the SMU Apartments safe?     
A: While SMU feels like a very safe place, we can not guarantee your safety. The SMU police department patrols the area, and offers "Giddy Up" rides to students, faculty and staff.  

Q: Iím about to move out. What do I do?     
A: Please see out move out instructions

Q: When do I get my deposit back?     
A: Your security deposit is fully refundable. It will be refunded to you after you move out. It should be post marked within 60 days of your move out. To have your entire deposit refunded, your account must be in good standing, your apartment should be clean and have no damages and you should follow the move out instructions.

Q: How do I pay my rent?     
Rent is due on the 1st of each month. SMU Apartments does not accept cash or credit cards. Residents may pay by check, money order, or cashierís check made payable to "Southern Methodist University." Be sure to put your apartment number on the check.

Q: Does the rent include the utilities?     
Utilities such as electricity, water, natural gas and trash are included in the rent. Telephone, internet and cable serve are always the responsibility of the resident.

Q: Can my rent be charged to my SMU Student Account?     
No. Rent is due the first of each month and you will need to bring your rent payment to RLSH central office at Boaz Hall or the Apartment Maintenance office at 3160 Daniel Ave. You can pre-pay if you want to do so.

Q: Can my roommate and I pay with separate checks?     
Yes. Be sure you have your apartment address on the both checks.

Q: Can I pay with cash or a credit card?     
No. We only accept check or money orders

Q: How long is the contract?    
Our contracts run from the move-in date until May 31.

Q: What happens if I want to break my apartment contract?     
If you are living alone and no longer a student, faculty or staff member at SMU, you must give 60 days written notice and you will be forfeit your deposit. If you have roommates and are no longer affiliated with SMU, you must notify RLSH and your roommates with 60 days written notice and pay rent for the rest of the semester or 60 days, which ever is longer. If you are still enrolled at SMU or employed by SMU and want to move out, you will still be held responsible for the rent for the remainder of the contract period.

Q: What if I want to change roommates?    
If you want to change roommates, all concerned parties (new roommate, old roommate and remaining roommates) must come in and complete a "Roommate Addendum." All roommates must sign the contract or you are in violation of your contract.

Q: What if my roommate doesnít pay their rent?     
According to your contract, all contract signers are equally  responsible to ensure that the full rent is paid.  If your roommate doesnít pay their rent it can affect your credit rating. Make sure you trust your roommate to pay their share of the rent and other bills!

Q: What do I need to do on the day that I move into my apartment?     
On the day that you move into your apartment, you will pay the rent that is due, and pay your security deposit and pick up your key from the SMU Apartment Maintenance office. You must have a copy of your contract with you. The rent and deposit for all roommates must be paid before any keys will be distributed. Maintenance

Q: Can somebody let the cable guy in?    
No. We can not let anyone into your apartment except you.

Q: I turned my heater/AC on and it smells.     
We check the air conditioners in the spring around March and the heaters in the fall around October. Our contractor performs maintenance on the unit, checks for safety issues and cleans it. It is a normal thing for the first time use of a heater during the cooling season, to give off a burning smell and/or some smoke. Dust will accumulate on a heat coil or furnace heat exchanger during the cooling season. Once you start your furnace for the first time, there will be a burning of dust particles. While our contractor does his best to clean this all off, he usually can not get it all. This is a normal occurrence at the each of the cooling season. Open your windows and ventilate the apartment. Usually after the first 30 minutes it is over.

Q: I have a gas stove. What does that entail?    
Most of our apartments have gas stoves. These are usually set close to a back door. On windy days if the back door is opened, the wind will blow out the cook top pilot and sometimes the oven pilot. The pilot is a very small fire used to ignite the burner when the gas is turned on to it. If the pilot is out, after awhile, you may smell a faint odor of gas. Go to your stove, remove the cast iron burners setting on top the stove from over the burner rings. Lift up the front of the top of your stove cover. If you look on the left side, there are two burners which have aluminum tubes going toward the center between them. Where these two tubes meet. there is a small metal fixture with a pin hole in it. There should be a tiny fire there. If there is not one, smell if there is a gas odor. If there is no fire, get a match, light it and hold it over the small hole between the two pipes. This should cause a small fire over the hole. Pull the match away. If the fire remains your pilot is lit. Check the other side and perform the same operation if the pilot light is not lit. If you have any concerns, contact the maintenance office.

Miscellaneous information:

  • All residents must be SMU students, staff or faculty. Exceptions are spouses and children.
  • Cohabitation by unrelated male/female couples and/or roommates is prohibited.
  • SMU has a strict NO PET Policy.
  • Waterbeds and water furniture are prohibited in the apartments.
  • SMU does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, or disability.