Corresponding with prospective and admitted students

Student Recruitment Volunteers (SeRVe representatives) play a critical role in encouraging students both to apply to SMU and to attend SMU. As an alumnus/alumna of the University, you can speak about your personal experience at SMU and the benefits of an SMU education. Students and their parents want to know your viewpoint and how SMU has helped you become the individual you are today.

In the fall, volunteers are asked to contact prospective students to encourage them to apply to SMU and in the spring volunteers are asked to contact admitted students to encourage them to attend SMU.

The purpose of these calls is to act as a resource to the prospective students and their parents. Initiating conversation and sharing personal stories of your SMU experience is a great way to form a connection.

As with all SeRVe activities, you are representing the University. Be positive, friendly and upbeat. At times you may encounter a question you cannot answer, as many facets of the University always are changing. If you don’t know the answer to a question, please inform the student and/or parent that you will look into the matter and a representative of the University will get back to them. You are not expected to be an expert on all aspects of SMU.

When you have finished your calls, please note the conversation and/or any comments, and relay the information to your Alumni Relations staff liaison.