Class Ambassadors are charged with the noble cause of inspiring support among their peers.  This effort was established to assist the University in achieving the goal of 25% participation, meaning that 25% of SMU’s alumni make a financial gift each fiscal year. Class Ambassadors educate their peers on the importance of habitual giving in hopes of inspiring that gift. Class Ambassadors may help acquire the first gift from a donor, or they may simply be reminding a donor that it’s time for their next gift.


  • Select 15 classmates to contact and cultivate
  • Acquire gifts from 15 assigned classmates
  • Follow-up with assigned classmate after gift has been made

Time Commitment

  • Expect to spend about an hour a month on this opportunity with spring being the busiest time of year
  • The commitment will peak in late May as we near the end of the fiscal year

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The Alumni Board 25/50 Committee is the leadership group that oversees this program and strategies to assist the University in achieving its participation goals.

25/50 Committee

Vincent Battles, ‘06
Tamara Marinkovic, ‘91
Bob Massad, ‘68
Susie McCormack, ‘77
Bobby Mills, ‘57
Jamie Moore, ‘85
Jeff Zeigler, ‘84